Last Night

Last night one of the new dogs I got in attacked another dog so badly... I have never seen a dog act like that before. He ran up and attacked this dog on a leash for absolutely no reason... no reason at all. He grabbed a hold of his face and just wouldn't let go. No matter what I did, including taking the hose and spaying him. I am not going to get into the details but it was bad! And after I got them apart he was trying to still go after the other dog who at this point was in the corner shaking. Needless to say this wasn't the first aggressive thing he had done since I got him in and he acted up one more time after that so he is being put to sleep today. That just sucks! Sucks even more because I have someone interested in him but there is absolutely no way I can in good conscience allow that dog to go to a home. If a child was in the way of his "attack" mode that child would be toast. It is not easy!