It is Not Easy

If we do have room I have to look through the list and determine which dogs we can help. Usually what I like to do is pick the dogs I don't think anyone else will take them. because that is our/my specialty. It is not easy! Then once I figure out how many I have room for I have to figure out how they are going to get from the shelter to me. It is not easy! Then once they get to me, I have to worm them, put frontline on them, collar with tag on them and settle them in to a kennel. Sometimes the kennel they are supposed to share with another puppy or dog they don't get along, sometimes they are sick when they come to me so I have to scramble to set up a crate separate from everyone else. It is not easy! 

The next day I usually give them their shots and figure out when to get them scheduled to be spayed/neutered, rabies shot and heartworm test. Once I get an appointment set up I have to figure out how I am going to squeeze that into my schedule... between working and taking care of all my animals, my farm and oh yea normal stuff like groceries, laundry, etc. It is not easy! In between waiting for the vet appointments I am getting their pictures, getting to know them, figuring out if they are good with cats, kids, other puppys, like men, like women, personality, etc. I am getting them up on line for adoption and hoping that a foster home will step forward to take them. It is not easy! 

Now doesn't forget I want each one of have enough attention while at my house so I try to spend time with them and let them play in the fenced yard at least a few hours a day. I also need to clean their kennels everyday, make sure they have fresh food and water everyday, getting any medication that they might need, make sure they have toys, treats and beds (sometimes they de-stuff the beds). Meanwhile trying to have a "normal" life... It is not easy! And you know what makes it all just a little harder. When the dog is aggressive... either towards people or other puppys or dogs. It darn right sucks!

Stop Keeping Found Dogs

I get so disappointed with individuals. I comprehend that dog pounds are evil, however they are a fundamental shrewdness. On the off chance that somebody looses there pooch that is the primary spot they ought to check and check consistently until their puppy if found. So thusly on the off chance that you discover a pooch take it to the pound! By Federal all pounds need to keep a stray puppy with no labels for 3 open business days. That methods you discover the canine Saturday... Saturday and Sunday don't consider a business day and on the off chance that they pound is shut on Monday then that day doesn't number either so that methods Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday do check. That give somebody just about a prior week their puppy might be euthanized or sold. What's more if the manager really minded they would be calling the pound non quit searching for their canine. And if you are so stressed over this puppy that you discovered being put to rest then go there on the third day and embrace it!

SUVs and 4x4 for Vacations

Even if you're the owners of a car, it is not excluded to rent another one, if needed. Such need could not necessarily occur when your own car is damaged or under repairs, but simply when you have other needs, more demanding, that your own car could not handle. A case where you'll need to call on a rent-a-car company is when you wish to spend your vacation in wild place where you can reach by running a difficult road. If you have a city car, a small, regular car, the chances that this car is able to run such a road are pretty small. 

In such case, you don't have to abandon the vacation plan in that area but to resort to a rented car, an SUV or an 4x4 that is able to cope with a hump road, with lots of mud, etc. This way, you won't do without visiting the wanted place or without admiring the landscapes therefrom, which, less accessible to tourists, more beautiful they are.  Such a car could be simply asked to a rent a car Romania company and, more than that, you could opt for all kinds of additional accessories and facilities that could increase the comfort of the leased car as well as the safety during the trip. Renting a proper car is a very good solution to a safe drive, without risking to encounter issues or to damage your own car if it is unsuitable for running on difficult roads. 

Even if you won't be happy about the above mentioned option from the beginning, you need to think twice before taking the decision to relocate with the city car, because otherwise, you might have to replace expensive parts that get damaged because of the road or you could ruin your little vacation by getting stuck somewhere far from your location. This is not an expensive or complicated option and thus, you can afford to resort to it no matter the budget you have available, reducing the chances that the vacation is an unsuccessful one.