It is Not Easy

If we do have room I have to look through the list and determine which dogs we can help. Usually what I like to do is pick the dogs I don't think anyone else will take them. because that is our/my specialty. It is not easy! Then once I figure out how many I have room for I have to figure out how they are going to get from the shelter to me. It is not easy! Then once they get to me, I have to worm them, put frontline on them, collar with tag on them and settle them in to a kennel. Sometimes the kennel they are supposed to share with another puppy or dog they don't get along, sometimes they are sick when they come to me so I have to scramble to set up a crate separate from everyone else. It is not easy! 

The next day I usually give them their shots and figure out when to get them scheduled to be spayed/neutered, rabies shot and heartworm test. Once I get an appointment set up I have to figure out how I am going to squeeze that into my schedule... between working and taking care of all my animals, my farm and oh yea normal stuff like groceries, laundry, etc. It is not easy! In between waiting for the vet appointments I am getting their pictures, getting to know them, figuring out if they are good with cats, kids, other puppys, like men, like women, personality, etc. I am getting them up on line for adoption and hoping that a foster home will step forward to take them. It is not easy! 

Now doesn't forget I want each one of have enough attention while at my house so I try to spend time with them and let them play in the fenced yard at least a few hours a day. I also need to clean their kennels everyday, make sure they have fresh food and water everyday, getting any medication that they might need, make sure they have toys, treats and beds (sometimes they de-stuff the beds). Meanwhile trying to have a "normal" life... It is not easy! And you know what makes it all just a little harder. When the dog is aggressive... either towards people or other puppys or dogs. It darn right sucks!

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