The Potential of Transformation

The true potential of transformation is limitless by the very definition of transformation.This includes becoming the un-carved block of pure potential, of innocence again: if that is the transformation one wishes to fulfill. The point becoming: Ultimately you can fully release into the empty state: the Formless state. We then use the third eye's information about the various overlays of possible shape, of our nature to then overlay our formless state with: to become that vision. At that point it becomes possible to shape yourself or even reality relative to those forms and images your third eye reveal. In other words the third eye is revealing potentials and possibility, which you then as a Taoist can literally shape life towards. So delusion is when you try to shape something relative to ego, which in fact is destructive and lessens your nature vs. reality being a spectrum of possibilities, which with your third eye, you can navigate between and experience, or by measuring completely cause to happen. Later this month I will write up a post about the nature of the third eye.

Delusion and Reality

I was asked this question a month or two ago. How do you tell delusion from reality? The first part of the answer is to answer what is delusion! Here is the definition (one of many): delusion is rooted within ego's belief thinking we are separate from the universe and then to "project" out a different world based solely upon our own image. So delusion is the active projection of ego creating a false illusion of what reality is. How to tell the difference? I use my third eye, in other words when using the third eye: delusions have no substance: the third eye cannot see delusion. It "sees" potentials... which people often mistake for delusion. I will have to define what the third eye is later, since so much confusion exists on the nature of the third eye. 

The answer will surprise many as it isn't as mystical as many make it, even if in effect it produces mystical experience. The third eye is a Meta-organ, your mind and senses working together to form a larger more "sensitive meta 6th sense" which can give us surprising insights and capabilities. For those developing the third eye. Separating out the images of potential that the third eye overlays upon your natural 5 senses and the reality your senses show is a very confusing issue. Here is the tricky part: since our third eye reuses and projects information upon our other senses. In this, nothing your third eye reveals is "real". However, It's not delusion, nor illusion: rather it's information and pattern overlay only: Representing the various potentials of the situation or object you are examining within your third eye. 

As a result I apply the yin/yang of truth/falseness filters I teach students to use to navigate the information you receive. In other words: as a projection it's information to be used relative to the situation. The third eye is a very real part of our nature. With the information you gain from the 3rd eye it's possible, to embrace, navigate and even shape what others would call reality. What is important to grasp is: Much of Taoist practice reverses the shaping that we do upon ourselves. We can start off as one shape, to let go of form, shedding aspects of our nature... to then become whole and formless again. To un-carved oneself. This is the path of releasing ego.

Last Night

Last night one of the new dogs I got in attacked another dog so badly... I have never seen a dog act like that before. He ran up and attacked this dog on a leash for absolutely no reason... no reason at all. He grabbed a hold of his face and just wouldn't let go. No matter what I did, including taking the hose and spaying him. I am not going to get into the details but it was bad! And after I got them apart he was trying to still go after the other dog who at this point was in the corner shaking. Needless to say this wasn't the first aggressive thing he had done since I got him in and he acted up one more time after that so he is being put to sleep today. That just sucks! Sucks even more because I have someone interested in him but there is absolutely no way I can in good conscience allow that dog to go to a home. If a child was in the way of his "attack" mode that child would be toast. It is not easy!