The Potential of Transformation

The true potential of transformation is limitless by the very definition of transformation.This includes becoming the un-carved block of pure potential, of innocence again: if that is the transformation one wishes to fulfill. The point becoming: Ultimately you can fully release into the empty state: the Formless state. We then use the third eye's information about the various overlays of possible shape, of our nature to then overlay our formless state with: to become that vision. At that point it becomes possible to shape yourself or even reality relative to those forms and images your third eye reveal. In other words the third eye is revealing potentials and possibility, which you then as a Taoist can literally shape life towards. So delusion is when you try to shape something relative to ego, which in fact is destructive and lessens your nature vs. reality being a spectrum of possibilities, which with your third eye, you can navigate between and experience, or by measuring completely cause to happen. Later this month I will write up a post about the nature of the third eye.

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