Choosing The Type of Fish For an Aquaponics System

There are so many species of fish which can be raised in an aquaponics system. It depends on the territory because not all species of fish are allowed to be grown in some places. The regulations of the concerned area should be preferred before choosing the species of fish for food production system. The rules and regulations of the area are made on the basis of the climate of that particular area because the survival of the fishes is closely related to the climate. If a symbiotic environment is not given to the aquaponics system, the growth or survival of the fishes and plants is not possible.

To decide the best species of fish, the following must be considered:

1. What do you expect from your system?
If you expect to eat fish from your food production system, you need to grow the edible species of fish which provide protein, and that can live longer compared to other species. On the other hand, if you don't want to eat the fish grown in the system, you need not to grow edible fish. Ornamental fishes can be grown.

2. Availability of type of fish
The species of fish, available in the area have great importance because to stock the system with fish the farmer should buy the easily available species of fish.

There are thousand of species of fish which are able to grow in the aquatic system. Some popular species are:

Goldfish. This species of fish makes a remarkable addition to the system. Goldfish is bred in a fish tank in most areas but generally, they can be bred in a covered tank of plant within the fish tank.

Barramundi. An exceptional type of fish which is crispy in taste and is usually grown during hot weather. So, in the warmer month of the year it is recommended by the experience farmers.

Catfish. There are several types of catfish in the world that can be easily raised in an aquaponics. The Channel catfish are the famous fish among farmers in the United States of America and also in Australia because of its availability. They grow rapidly if a symbiotic environment is provided.

Carp. In many parts of Asia, carp species are grown because it is well suited for aquaponics cultivation. But, it has become a noxious pest to the native environment and waterways due to its reproductive capabilities and tough nature.

Jade Perch. It is an Australian fish. The quality of it's rapid growth and having the best level of omega 3 oil differentiates it from all other species of fish. It's omnivorous diet and warm water is considered the basic requirements for it.

Koi. It is a spdcies of carp, but known as KOI. It is famous in most of the Asian communities.

Silver perch. Silver perch is an Australian fish that is capable of growing rapidly under a variety of circumstances. They eat green scarps happily.

Murray cod. It is a magnificent kind of fish known as native Australian fish. It is also known for rapid growing and able to grow well in an aquaponics culture.

Tilapia. It is the best cultured fish all around the world and is the most popular specy to grow in aquaponics.

Trout. Trout is a type of fish which is very famous due to its amazing taste. It grows well in cooler water.