Quack Grass

Crossword definition: European grass spreading rapidly by creeping rhizomes; naturalized in North America as a weed. Facts about my Quack Grass: Not my yard but it will be in a few weeks. I keep my grass short, as this is the only way to control this beauty. Spraying an herbicide would destroy it and everything else in my yard and the neighbor's. I would then have to hall the dirt away, bring in new dirt and plant seed or sod. All the while hoping that not one little seed of Quack grass is in the air or it's back to square one. Guessing spray and plant is not an option. Besides every spring these little tufts along with my faithful dandelions, aggravate the heck out of the crabby nosy crossing guard who patrols my corner along with the neighbor who goes into traffic to pluck dandelions out of the road. Hey, I take my fun where I can. Last but not least and only in America, This grass is cultivated in contained areas and referred to by its proud owners as an ornamental grass thus, spreading its seeds to the lawns of unsuspecting neighbors. The beauty of a weed. Man, if I only lived a little closer to those two yard freaks...

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